Bowie Ibarra

Bowie Ibarra (1975-Present) was born and raised in Uvalde, Texas, to a school principal and a book keeper. He has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting and a Master of Arts in Theatre History.

For nearly thirty years, Bowie has been active in theatre arts as a performer, director, and theatre house manager. In that time, Bowie has also pursued writing. His first book, Down the Road: A Zombie Horror Story was initially self-published, but subsequently picked up by Permuted Press. The book was also one of the stories chosen to participate in the joint venture with Simon and Shuster.

Bowie hopes readers enjoy his books. Readers can network with Bowie at his personal website,


Short Stories Edit

  • "Rockets Red Glare" in Holiday of the Dead (Wild Wolf Publishing)
  • "Countdown to Extinction" in E-Pocalypse: E-Mails at the End (Pill Hill Press)
  • "The 100 Year Brawl" in Bigfoot Terror Tales Vol. 2
  • "Mommy and Daddy" in Code Z: An Undead Hospital Anthology
  • "Bitterness" in Soul Survivors Hometown Tales Vol. 2

External Links and Book Trailers Edit

ZombieBloodFights02:03 talks

Bowie Ibarra talks 'On the Last Day'

ZombieBloodFights02:07 author Bowie Ibarra talks

Permuted Author Ibarra talks "On the Last Day'

Author Bowie Ibarra talks 'Down the Road' from Permuted Press and Simon & Schuster01:44

Author Bowie Ibarra talks 'Down the Road' from Permuted Press and Simon & Schuster

Ibarra discusses "Down the Road", the first book of the series

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